About Us

OXA is the first and only online Platform in terms of transparency in pricing. When a Customer needs any of our services, he simply selects the service and requests the type of vehicle required. His request goes to various nearby vehicles. Upon receiving the customer's request, the vehicle owners start quoting their price. This way the customer receives different quotations. Now the customer can call the driver of that vehicle whose price is lowest.

About The Company

Oxafleet.com provides booking solutions for Trucks, Ambulances, Recovery Vehicles (Breakdown) and Mortuary vans. It is owned and managed by OXA Global Limited. Across the board, the brand Uber with its dramatic features inspired us to develop a mobile app for booking and dispatching vehicles across various segments, focusing on logistics(trucks), emergency care (ambulances and recovery vehicles) and death care (Mortuary/Hearse Vans). OxaFleet delivers exceptional solutions for all these segments. We strive to make transporters, ambulances, and the other emergency vehicles more accessible; aiming to provide their drivers with more business and the people with more choices


Our aim is to provide an exhaustive package for booking and dispatching these solution at reasonable costs. We have envisioned for a supportive booking solution that is useful for both the fleet owners and our customers. Our mission is to provide a vehicle/ride booking app with complete features when compared to the industry standards.


OxaFleet's vision resides upon being the next big revolution in the logistics, and emergency transportation industry. We build software with eminent technologies absorbing all barriers in the industry and emitting best client satisfaction in markets we serve. OxaFleet is deliberately pursuing its passion to organize world's logistics and emergency transport business and make it universally accessible and uniform among passengers globally. OxaFleet- On the Pathway to Perfection, is an acclaimed organization which is providing immense solution for logistics and emergency transport operators to allow the customers to book their vehicles efficiently using the smartphone app. Passengers can hire a truck/ambulance/recovery vehicle or a mortuary van on their finger tips from anywhere at anytime. We have a passionate team of 30+ professionals for OxaFleet who have contributed their sincere efforts in making the product to be a grand success. Every minute need of the software has been taken into consideration which has resulted in a feature ­rich product.

Why Oxafleet?

OxaFleet can be your best choice to mobilize these vehicle booking service by including the best service to the customers such as GPS facility to track the vehicle, push notifications on arrival of the vehicle, a first of it's kind online reverse bidding platform, etc. OxaFleet reduces the manual efforts and automates vehicle booking process. It is very much flexible for the trucking company to manage the drivers as well as serve the customers extensively. The app acts like a single platform to manage the driver schedules as well as manage customer booking. OxaFleet has established the business of many logistic companies by automating the service with best quality product that is reliable.

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