Ambulance Booking App

Anyone can need an ambulance anytime. However, with the kind of traffic on the road, it takes quite a while for an ambulance to reach your location. It would be a lifesaver if emergency ambulance services in Kolkata can be booked easily, with a vehicle tracker on the ambulance to provide you with live details of its locations. When someone is ill, every second count and that is why an ambulance has to reach on time.

You need a platform like an ambulance booking app that can bring you the vehicle where you want in the quickest possible time. This is where the OXA app scores as a reliable source for booking ambulances online. Through this ambulance booking app in Kolkata, you will be able to get the vehicle you want 24/7. There are many advantages why the OXA app is the best ambulance booking app in Kolkata, Howrah.

Why OXA is a preferred Ambulance Booking App?

The OXA app is the best 24 hours of ambulance services in Kolkata because:

  • The booking of the ambulance is easy and convenient. The app works well and its user interface is a breeze for senior citizens as well.
  • There is a live tracking facility which allows you to check how far your ambulance has reached before reaching the desired destination, be it with a patient onboard or while going to pick up the patient.
  • The OXA app’s ambulance service makes use of Artificial Intelligence or AI to figure out the best possible routes for the ambulance, to and from the location of the patient. As a result, our ambulances are able to reach their destinations faster.
  • The ambulances we offer through our platform have all the modern features like simulated heating and cooling systems. Patients who need either condition can avail the facility. There are also smart networks that rally the present condition of the patient to the waiting doctors at the emergency facility where it is headed. This keeps the doctors ready to deal with the situation at hand, giving the patient several crucial minutes that might define the condition of the patient in the long run.

With so many advantages, you surely know where to go when you require emergency ambulance services in Kolkata! Tap into the OXA Customer App on the Google Play store.