Breakdown Vehicle Booking App

A vehicle, be it your car or a goods van, can break down in the middle of nowhere. If it is your car, you and people in the car with you get stranded. If the goods van breaks down, your goods and products are under threat of damage or theft. In such situations, you would want a prompt and quick response from the local towing service near you. In most cases, you may not be able to find reliable and prompt service because local vendors are usually not that efficient. Don't worry OXA breakdown vehicle booking app is here.

The Oxa app is a reliable car breakdown service in Kolkata. If your car is stranded in the middle of the road, you can quickly book or hire our service and ensure that help reaches you in the fastest possible time. Moreover, our experts have the technical knowhow to deal with the automatic and updated technology that modern cars have. No matter what the problem with your car is, a flat tyre or dead batteries, our experts can fix the problem quickly and get you on your way instant.

Why OXA Breakdown Vehicle Booking App?

Refuelling: If you have not paid any attention to the fuel meter on the dashboard, you can end up with no fuel on the highway. Our team can tow your car to the nearest fuel pump and get your tank refuelled.

Towing: Cars in trouble cannot always be fixed on the road. You need to tow them to the nearest garage or service centre. We offer 24 hours car towing in Kolkata and it’s surrounding areas so that your car gets the help it needs quickly. On-site Support: Our team of experienced professionals can reach your dead car and offer on-site assistance when needed. If the problem can be fixed on the road, it can be done with our team.

Why Hire Towtrucks on Oxa app?

  • Round the clock help, so that you never drive without a team to bail you out of trouble.
  • Prompt and immediate response team to help you as fast as possible
  • Easy booking and live tracking of response vehicle moving to your car’s aid
The OXA Customer app is available on the Google Play Store. Check it out today!
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