Download our app from the Google Play Store to book a truck (Just like UBER).
At OXA, you choose who you want to move with. When you request for a truck, we crowd-source the prices quoted by trusted transporters around you and provide them to you on your app screen.

OXA is an on-demand last mile online platform that connects customers (individuals/businesses) with trucks to solve all your moving and shipping needs.
Whether you are a Transporter/ Broker, Agent or a Fleet Owner, manage your entire Transportation Business on the OXA app now. Discover Trucks near you (just like UBER), Get instant bids and quotes and close freight deals in real-time with verified and trusted Road Transport service providers. Track your Load or Truck live and round the clock.

OXA offers complete Load portfolio management solution to its customers, shippers and brokers. Starting from the placement of active Loads, tracking of Loads during trips, knowing arrival status details of each freight deal & complete history of delivered loads, everything about your Transportation business can be managed from OXA app on the go.

Phone number: +91 9836-123-128

Yes, we do provide inter-city FTL service.

We assure you that we try our best to get shipments delivered as quickly as possible. It completely depends on the loading/unloading time` and traffic.

An auction is a listing for your shipment, which service providers are able to bid on through the OXA app.

Service providers are all types of individual truck owner-operators or a transportation company, owning a fleet of trucks on-boarded onto the OXA platform as a transport service provider after due verification of their documents.

OXA has both OPEN and CLOSED body types available on the platform. You may choose from 1 Ton Trucks (as small as Tata Ace’s (commonly known as the Chota Hathi) for your small moves or upto 44 Ton 16 wheeler large trucks.

We accept all goods that are not under our list of prohibited items and are suitable to be transported in our trucks based on payload and capacity requirements. To better match your requirements with the right truck, we classify goods under the following categories. We categorize goods under the following to better match your requirement with the right truck.

  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Food & Beverages
  • House Shifting
  • Machines / Equipment / Spare Parts
  • Wood/Timber/Plywood
  • Courier/Mover and Packers
  • Vehicles/Automotive Parts
  • Chemicals/Paints/Oil
  • Tiles/Ceramics / Sanitary-ware
  • Glassware
  • Pipes/Metal Rods (more than 7 ft)
  • Pipes/Metal Rods (less than 7 ft)
  • Metal Sheets
  • Gas / Commercial Cylinder
  • Construction materials

Yes, we do try to serve you 24x7. Please note that the order confirmation is subject to vehicle availability.

Yes! If you are a broker / transport commission agent, you can book and arrange a transporter through our app. OXA endeavors to provide you the best rates in the market and get you trucks in the shortest time possible to help out with your last minute client’s deliveries.

No! OXA app is currently available for download only from the Google Play Store on your android phone.

Shipping large items can be a hassle, especially if you've never done it before. Follow these guidelines to help ensure a seamless experience from pickup through delivery.
Know Your Shipment Try to make sure your truck request includes accurate shipment details, as well as correct pickup and delivery locations.
Consider Your Options Once you've listed your pick-up and drop locations, and entered your goods details into the Oxa app, you'll be able to start receiving quotes from our highly trained service providers. Be sure to check out the pricing and ratings of the transport service providers prior to making the advance payment for confirming the transporter. If you have any questions, you can always check our FAQ/Support section for further details or reach out to us at our customer care number.
Book and Pay Online When you're ready, you can book your shipment by accepting the quote of the service provider of your choice. You'll be prompted to pay either a partial advance deposit, or the full amount, through our secure payments system. This is refunded to you incase a transporter cancels the trip. We'll send confirmation messages exchanging your contact information with your service provider. Get in touch right away to instruct or guide, and direct the trucker. Keep in contact with your transport service provider throughout the duration of your shipment.
Prepare for Delivery Be sure to settle the balance payment with your transporter if only a small advance was paid to book the truck. Please also take a moment to leave feedback for your service provider. Our feedback system helps to ensure all transport providers are accountable for the quality of the service they deliver.
All set? Great! Register or sign in and list your shipment to start receiving quotes. Still have questions? Feel free to contact our Customer Support team, or check out one of the following links.

After downloading the OXA Customer app, the customer/shipper can create a trip request after filling some information like loading point, unload point, truck category, date, time, product types and then publish.
Wait for a few minutes, available and interested transporters will bid.
Customer/Shipper will accept the bid which is suitable for him and can contact the transporter driver.

Once you list your shipment details (pick up and drop off location; goods details; size of the truck) and you request for quotes, you’ll get multiple bookable bids / quotes from transport service providers near you.

So you've listed your shipment, and now you have some quotes. That's great! It's time to consider your options. A good transport service provider is key to a good experience on OXA, so we provide all the information you'll need to make a smart selection. Follow these guidelines to ensure you're booking with a company who meets your expectations.
Review Rating Our transporters are rated after every trip they make. When you receive quotes from these service providers, you’ll be able to see their average rating against their quote and gather insights into the quality of work they tend to provide. Consider Price Obviously, this matters. You're here to find a deal! While the lowest price may be tempting, it may not always be the best choice. Are you willing to pay a bit more for a better timeline or a more experienced provider? Consider all factors and accept the quote that's right for you.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our FAQ or contact our Customer Support team.

All communications can only take place once your transport service provider is booked by you. You’ll receive the service provider’s phone number as soon as your shipment is booked by making a small advance payment to book the truck.

Click on the quote you like. Click on the “Book your vehicle” button within the app to make a small advance payment to complete your truck booking.

When you see the driver’s information, it means that the driver has already received your order. You may now call the driver or wait for the driver’s call to confirm the exact pickup point and destination.

You will find the driver’s number on the app. You can push the call button and may call and talk to the driver. If things still don’t work out and the trip has to be cancelled, please re-request for a vehicle.

With OXA, you never have to worry about surge or delay pricing. You don’t have to calculate the kilometers either. When you request for a truck, you will receive bids/quotations from the transporters. These quotations include the distance to cover, time, toll, etc. You only have to pay the amount you chose from the various bids/quotes you received from the many service providers.
Parking & Other Charges: The customer / shipper/ sender of the goods has to bear these charges over and above the fare amount. These charges have to be paid to our partner directly.

OXA accepts payment via credit or debit card, net banking, wallets and even UPI’s. After accepting a quote, you’ll be prompted to pay either an advance deposit or the full payment through our app.
If you made an advance payment, the balance amount can be paid either in cash to the transporter on pick-up or delivery; or via online payment routes via our secure gateways.

If you made full payment while booking, payment will be released to the transporter through OXA after trip end once the delivery is done.
If you paid only an advance deposit to book, you can then choose to pay the remaining amount directly to the transporter via Cash or by making the balance payment online through the app.

These are included in your trip fare. You don’t have to pay for these changes at the time of crossing the toll or pay additional money to the partner.

Service providers may cancel the trip for a variety of reasons, mostly pertaining to engine break downs or sudden unforeseen driver un-availability.
In this case, be assured that the advance you paid will be refunded to your wallet or bank account where you made the payment from.

OXA may charge a booking cancellation charge to ensure that all booking cancellations are done by users thoughtfully. If you cancel a booking after a truck has been confirmed for your trip, then you may be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of your total trip fare.

The default expiration for all quotes is set for 2 hours after the first quote has been received.

If the shipper has time on hand and is flexible, the shipper may wait and try to contact the driver again. If the shipper is unable to reach the driver, the shipper may complain to OXA Customer Care, and if directed, cancel the bid and rebook a vehicle.
If the transporter is found at fault and this trip is cancelled, any advance payment made during this trip by the Shipper will be refunded back to the Shipper.

The service providers go through a background verification process. You may also track your goods live while they are being transported and stay in touch with the driver while the trip is being made.

We have a checklist of documents which every driver-partner needs to submit before he comes onboard.

Given the unpredictable nature of traffic & road conditions, we do not provide any service guarantee.
What Is Feedback / Review? Feedback is a review left by either a shipping customer or transport service provider for the other party after a shipment is completed.

Transportation can be risky business. That's why we offer cargo insurance. You can purchase Cargo Insurance while booking a truck for your goods instantly through the OXA app.

Providers aren’t required by law to carry full value replacement insurance and we don’t verify insurance credentials. You’re welcome to request that information from your service provide or, depending upon what you’re booking, purchase Instant Cargo Insurance from within the app - it’s the best way to guarantee coverage.

Cargo insurance will be offered by the OXA app once your truck has arrived for pick-up at the pick-up location.
You can insure your goods with a single click.

As a neutral venue, we think all parties should have the chance to review one another once a shipment is completed.

Feedback can only be left by shipping customers who’ve booked and completed shipments through OXA. OXA doesn’t manipulate feedback in any way.

Feedback is a vital part of the OXA marketplace. Leaving feedback is the best way to let other shipping customers know about your experience with your service provider. The OXA community depends on your feedback so that future shipping customers have a better idea of which providers might be best to work with.
You can rate your experience with your service provider giving them ratings from 1 to 5 stars. You'll have the option to provide a detailed description, and even leave OXA some feedback as well. Your feedback will appear on the service provider's profile, where they'll have the opportunity to respond. As with all communications on OXA, please keep it honest, kind, and professional.
If for any reason you need to cancel your shipment, please follow the proper steps for completing a cancellation. By doing so, you'll ensure both a refund and/or credit for the shipment added to your OXA wallet, as well as the opportunity to leave your feedback as a cancellation comment, which will appear on the service provider's profile.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to continue perusing our Help Center or contact our Customer Support team.

Customers/Shippers receive secret Unloading OTP on the OXA app and share the OTP with the Driver of Truck after Unloading is completed. The driver enters Unloading OTP in his/her app to indicate Unloading completion & end of the Trip. This provides instant confirmation of successful delivery.
My driver/vehicle profile does not match. What do I do? As a customer, you will be able to see the driver’s profile on the app along with his vehicle details. When you notice it’s not matching kindly reach out to our Customer Support Center and don't let driver to load the vehicle.

We do not provide labour services for loading or unloading of goods. If required, you can negotiate with our driver partner who will get allocated for your trip. However there is no assurance that he will be willing to do the labour work & if he is willing then the charges will be mutually decided between you & the partner. OXA will have no role in the negotiation.

Drivers can help out on a friendly basis; however, they are not obliged to load/unload the goods.

No, the customer / shippers should ensure that the goods to be moved are packed properly.

To track a current trip, you must be logged in to the OXA app. You will always be able to see easily see real-time movement of your truck on the app.

The vehicle can be live-tracked on the mapping system available on the app.

OXA Live Tracking helps the Customer/Shipper to know the live location of the Truck and the Load on a digital map built in the OXA app during an ongoing Trip. The Live Tracker starts after a Truck is booked and it stays on until the completion of unloading at the delivery location. OXA Live tracking can only be accessed during the Trip by the
Customer/Shipper whose Load is being transported and by the concerned Truck Owner making it the most secured live tracking tool. OXA Live Tracker respects the privacy of the driver and it does not track the Truck when the Truck is not in service or not yet booked for carrying any Load. The driver app must be logged in to activate OXA Live Tracker.

From 1st April 2018, if the invoice value of goods is more than Rs 50,000, e-way bill is mandatory for inter-state movement of goods (movement to other states). For such deliveries, please provide a copy of valid E-way bill and Invoice to our driver partners for smooth and hassle-free movement of goods.
If consignment value is less than or equal to Rs 50,000 please provide the partner driver with the copy of invoice, bill of supply or delivery challan.

The OXA ePOD (electronic proof-of-delivery) provides a digital Bill of Lading that is consistent, instantly uploaded and secure. Managed via the OXA app, ePOD provides written and visual documentation to ensure a better shipping experience for all involved.
The goal of ePOD is accountability for everyone involved in a shipping transaction. Not only does instant-access proof of delivery make life easier and more efficient for carriers, it also offers peace of mind for the shipping customers who rely on them. Transporters can give access to ePOD on a shipment-by-shipment basis to their drivers, allowing electronic documentation.

The Driver can take a picture of the Proof of Delivery and upload the picture through Driver app at the delivery location which becomes instantly visible to sender of goods on the OXA Customer App.

It's beneficial to close or refresh any application, and ours is no different. If you're experiencing inconsistency or having issues navigating the app, typically all that's needed is a restart of the app. Here are some steps to achieve this on your android device and a couple other tips to help in the event you run into an issue.

Remove the app from the background and and reopen the app. This can be done by pressing the ‘square’ button present on all android phones; and swiping away the app.

If that does not fix your problem:

  • Tap and hold the app icon
  • A popup menu will appear, select "App info" in that menu
  • Tap on the line titled "Storage"
  • Tap "Clear Data"
  • Tap "Clear Cache"
  • Then, find the OXA app icon again and reopen the app.
  • If nothing else works, delete and re-install the app.

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