1. How does the OXA Partner App work?


    Create your account:

    Sign up on OXA Partner application and enter your details to create account.

    Complete your profile:

    Complete your profile by adding profile photo & entering relevant appropriate information. Customers compare profiles of partners who respond in order to decide whom to hire. Focus on quality and spend time to add all the important details directly on application. To get the right request, you need to carefully fill up location & service area details. In service area first select the preferred state where you will extend services, second is the preferred city. For example: If you want requests in and around Kolkata, then select West Bengal and then Kolkata when asked for State and City at the time of registration.


    View customer’s requirements:

    After you create your account, customer requirements automatically appear on the Oxa Partner App as soon any request is made. You can see these requirements as long as you are online on the Oxa Partner app or it is running in the background.

    Respond to customer’s requirements:

    Be careful before replying to customer’s requirements. It is very important to go through the customer’s request with respect to vehicle type (tonnage), material, load pick up location and load drop off point. After that, quote a best price according to the request and the market rate to win the bid. You should try and answer questions politely & professionally to customer may have asked during call.


    Once customer has confirmed the deal with you, following step to be carried out.

    You have to assign the driver & vehicle to customer on the app. Your driver needs to be online on the Oxa Partner app before you can assign him for the trip. Make sure to follow-up with your driver so that he leaves for the load origin point in time.

    Driver has to report before loading time requested by customer. He can stay in touch with the customer over call as needed.

    Once loading is completed and all original loading document collected by driver, he has to punch the “Start Trip” button for delivery. After reaching at destination and unloading the materials, an end-trip OTP verification needs to be collected from either the sender or the receiver of the goods to mark successful delivery. Signed & stamped Proof of Delivery (POD) to be uploaded by either driver or yourself. After POD upload driver is free for next trip.

    Your trip will be completed once you have entered the end trip OTP. If there are any issues, it should be solved between you & the customer amicably.


    Reviews is the key to success in marketplace. The biggest way to improve your profile and future chance of getting hired is to get more high-quality reviews from your customers. You should behave politely & professionally to customers, reach the load pick up and drop point on time, etc to make your customer happy and get a good rating from them.


    You can see you recently completed trips on the “trip history” button. The report contains all details of your trips.

  2. Do I have to pay to use the OXA app?

    OXA is complete free to use.

  3. What are the necessary documents required for commercial vehicle attachment?

    Vehicle Documents: RC book | Fitness certificate | Insurance | Pollution Control

    Owner/Driver documents: Driving License | PAN card | Bank Details | Address Proof

  4. How to Add a New Driver?

    Click on the Hamburger button on the top left of the application.
    Click on My Drivers Tab.
    Click on the + Button on the top right of the app.
    a) First add yourself as the Owner. Click on the “I am owner button”.

    Your phone number and e-mail ID is auto-filled.
    Please enter your DL number and upload a photo of yourself and your license. Click Submit.

    b) You may also add drivers that work for you by clicking on the “Add new driver” button.

    A form will appear. Enter details such as driver name, mobile number, driving license number and DL photos, etc. Click on the Submit button. Collect OTP from driver’s mobile you are adding to complete the process. Next step: Add vehicle.
    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  5. How to Add New Vehicle?

    Click on the Hamburger button on the top left of the application.
    Click on My Vehicle Tab.
    Click on the + Button on the top right of the app.
    A form will appear.

    Enter details such as vehicle registration number. Choose the kind of vehicle you want to register. Upload the registration certificate (RC) and vehicle photo as requested.
    After reading the Disclaimer carefully, click on the checkbox “I accept” and click on Submit. Next step: Assign vehicles.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  6. How to Assign Vehicle?

    To assign vehicle to driver, click on the “Assign Vehicle” button, choose a driver to pair with vehicle he will drive.

  7. How will I know when to give quotation to customer?

    A notification clock will appear on your screen when a customer request comes. You have 15 minutes to respond to this request. If you do not wish to accept any requests from customers right now, click on the cancel button.

  8. Customer request notification vanished before I could accept it. What do I do?

    Worry not! Click on the Quotations button. You will be able to see all requests that customers have made. You can fill quotation here and send.

  9. Why am I not receiving any customer requests?

    You won’t receive requests from customer in the following circumstances:

    When you are logged out - You will receive requests from customers only when you are logged in to the Oxa App.
    The Oxa app must be running in the background for the transporter to receive customer requests.
    Note: You will only receive requests for a vehicle if that vehicle has been assigned to someone.

  10. Why should I add my bank details in the OXA app?

    Many times customers may want to pay online. When the customer makes online payment, we require your bank details to send your earned money to your bank account.

    To fill bank details, click on the Bank Details tab. Enter your | account number | account holder name | IFSC Code | Bank Name – Click on Save.

  11. I don’t know the way to the drop location. What do I do now?

    While reaching the customer’s pick-up location, or while dropping off / delivering the goods to the drop location, sometimes you might want to refer to a map.

    In that case, feel free to click on the “Track Trip” button on the screen to open up Google Maps. Once you’re done with going through Google Maps, keep pressing the back button until you are back to the app trip screen.

  12. How will I know if a customer has accepted my quotation?

    When the customer accepts your quotation, you will receive the clock notification again with a 60 second timer. This clock will be green in colour and will also mention that your quotation has been accepted. You must click on the timer within the 60 seconds given.
    After clicking on this button, the app screen will change to the trip screen where you will be able to call your customer, open google maps, etc.

  13. The customer has accepted my quotation. What do I do now?

    Congratulations! You may call the customer incase of any confusion or doubts regarding their location, or any labour queries. Then, you must immediately leave for the customers location for the pick-up.

  14. I do not think I will be able to arrange labour for customer as requested. What do I do now?

    Always be certain whether you will be able to arrange for labour before quoting your price. If it so happens that you are un-able to arrange for any labour and you want to quote. Send in a price without charging for labour.
    If your quotation gets accepted by the customer, inform them by calling that you won’t be able to arrange for the labour. Ask them if you should still go to their pick-up location.If they confirm, leave for the pick-up location.

    If you are able to arrange the labours only partially, inform the customer of the same if they accept your quotation. Leave for the pick-up destination only once customer gives the confirmation.

  15. How do I contact the customer?

    Once your quotation has been accepted. You will be able to call your customer by clicking on the “Call” button on the app screen.

  16. The customer has accepted my quotation. However, I am unable to leave for their location, or I might get delayed. What do I do now?

    Kindly call the customer and let them know if you are delayed due to some reason. If the customer accepts delay, try to reach as soon as possible.
    If the customer does not accept the delay, you will have to cancel the trip.
    If you are unable to go to the pick up location at all for some reason, kindly call the customer and let them know of the same and cancel the trip citing the reason why you had to cancel.

  17. What is the preferred location feature?

    To explain with an example, if your truck is in Patna and is going to come back empty. You can set your preferred location to Kolkata. This way, the app will send customer requesting for a transportation from Patna to Kolkata on a priority basis to you. In this manner, your truck does not have to return empty or waste time looking for a load. This leads to a lot of cost and time saving.

  18. I am getting requests during No-Entry hours. What do I do now?

    You may send in your quotation. However, if your quotation gets accepted, inform the customer of the No-Entry dilemma. If the customer agrees for the vehicle to arrive later, drive to his pick-up location at the new appointed time decided by mutual discussion by calling him before leaving.

  19. Why is my Partner account blocked?

    You can only cancel the trip 3 times after customer has accepted your quotation. After the 3rd cancellation, your account will be blocked. For un-blocking the account, you will have to contact OXA giving reasons of such cancellations.
    If found satisfactory, your account will be unblocked.

  1. What is OXA?

    OXA is an on-demand last mile online platform that connects customers (individuals/businesses) with trucks, ambulances, break-down vehicles and mortuary vans to solve all your moving needs

  2. How does OXA work?

    Download our app from Playstore or Appstore to book a truck / ambulance / mortuary / breakdown vehicle.
    At OXA, you choose who you want move with. When you request for a service, we crowdsource the prices quoted by the service providers and provide them to you on your app.

  3. How does the pricing work?

    With OXA, you never have to worry about surge or delay pricing. You don’t have to calculate the kilometers either.
    When you request for a vehicle, you will receive quotations from the service providers. These quotations include the distance to cover, time, loading/unloading charges(if any), toll, etc.
    You only have to pay the amount you chose from the various bids/quotes you received from the many service providers.

  4. Do you provide labour (loading/unloading) services?

    Yes! At OXA, you have the ability to choose the number of labour you want. You can avail upto 5 labours.It has been communicated to the truck drivers to bid for quote only if they can provide for the number of labours. It then becomes the responsibility of the transporter to arrange for the labours.
    Examples of extra-ordinary circumstances where the service provider may want to re-negotiate labour charges previously quoted:

    1) Material is on a higher floor and lift is not available.
    2) If there is confusion pertaining to the distance the labours need to load the goods from.

  5. Will the OXA driver help with the loading/unloading of goods?

    OXA allows you to request the service provider to come with 01-05 labours. Drivers can help out on a friendly basis; however, they are not obliged to load/unload the goods.

  6. How do I track my order?

    To track a current trip, you must be logged in to the OXA app. You will be able to see real-time movement of your truck/ambulance/breakdown vehicle in map-view.

  7. What Goods are permitted on OXA?

    We accept all goods that are not under our list of prohibited items and are suitable to be transported in our trucks based on payload and capacity requirements.

  8. E-way bill FAQs

    From 1st April 2018, if the invoice value of goods is more than Rs 50,000, e-way bill is mandatory for inter-state movement of goods (movement to other states). For such deliveries, please provide a copy of valid E-way bill and Invoice to our driver partners for smooth and hassle-free movement of goods.

    If consignment value is less than or equal to Rs 50,000 please provide the partner driver with the copy of invoice, bill of supply or delivery challan.

  9. How can I place a booking with multiple stops?

    Currently, OXA does not provide the multiple stops facility. However, if such a scenario occurs, you may negotiate with the transport provider on your own.

  10. How can I pay the trip fare?

    There are multiple ways to pay the fare: a) PayTm: You can link your PayTm account with OXA and the fare would be automatically deducted from the available balance. If sufficient balance is not available, the remaining amount has to be paid in cash. b) Cash: The trip fare can also be paid in cash directly to our partner at the drop location. c) Net Banking, DC/CC d) UPI

    The payment mode can be selected at the time of order placement. Note: We do not offer any credit facility. Can I place a booking in advance? We do not provide advance booking feature. Use our app to book a vehicle at the time of requirement.

  11. Do you serve 24X7 or is there any time limit?

    Yes, we do serve you 24x7. Please note that the order confirmation is subject to vehicle availability.

  12. Who pays the toll, parking and other charges?

    These are included in your trip fare. You don’t have to pay for these changes at the time of crossing the toll or pay additional money to the partner.

  13. Will I be charged anything if I cancel the trip?

    If you cancel, after a vehicle has confirmed for your trip, then you may be charged a cancellation fee of Rs. 100/-. Conditions for these cancellation charges may vary from time to time.

  14. Are my goods secure?

    The service providers go through a background verification process. You may also track your goods live while they are being transported and stay in touch with the driver while the trip is being made.

  15. How reliable are OXA driver-partners?

    We have a checklist of documents which every driver-partner needs to submit before he comes onboard.

  16. Do your vehicles ply during No-entry timings? Do you have No-entry Pass vehicles?

    We do have vehicles which carry No Entry Pass (NEP) as well & such vehicles can ply during the no entry timings. (The transport service provider may charge additional for NEP vehicles, during the no entry time)

  17. How can I track the vehicle?

    The vehicle can be live-tracked on the mapping system available on the app

  18. What are the different vehicle types and their sizes?

    The vehicles available on our platform are as follows: 1) Trucks: You may choose from 1 Ton Trucks to 44 Ton Trucks. 2) Ambulances: You may choose from BLS, ALS, and Patient Transport Ambulances. 3) Recovery Vehicles: You may choose from: a) Hook and Chain Tow Truck b) Two-Wheeler Tow Truck c) Flat Bed Tow Truck d) Wheel-Life Tow Truck 4) Mortuary Vans

  19. My driver is severely late, or has not appeared at all, without any proper notice. What do I do?

    You will find the driver’s number on the app. You can push the call button and may call and talk to the driver. If things don’t work out and the trip has to be cancelled, please re-request for a vehicle.

  20. I’ve confirmed my order and then received the driver’s information. What should I do now?

    When you see the driver’s information, it means that the driver has already received your order. You may now call the driver or wait for the driver’s call to confirm the exact pickup point and destination.

  21. Does delivery partner provide wrapping materials?

    No, shippers should ensure that the package is packed properly.

  22. Is there any service guarantee?

    Given the unpredictable nature of traffic & road conditions, we do not provide any service guarantee.

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