Truck Booking App

Anyone may need to shift base once in a while. Businesspersons may require a vehicle to transport their products from one location to another. There is no end to how many times we might want to rent a mini-truck. Booking a truck online in Kolkata just got simpler with the OXA App. No matter what your need is, if you require a truck or mini-truck, you can hire it swiftly and get the vehicle where you need instantly.

Why OXA App To Book Tempo and Trucks Online?

When you hire a truck, what is that one quality you look for? It must be reliable in every aspect, right? That’s what we ensure here! You wouldn’t want to hire a minitruck and then be kept waiting for the vehicle to show up. You have other business to attend to, and you would hate the unreliable service. That is what you will get from unorganized private vendors.

However, with the OXA Truck Booking App, you are assured that you will only receive the kind of truck you require. This is because when you select a certain size of truck, only those trucks will receive your request which matches your requirement. – Also, they reach on time, every time. This is because when you request to book a truck, the nearest drivers respond to you rather than tempo and trucks running many kilometres away.

Guaranteed Savings With OXA App

Every business person would like to save money if they can. The same goes for individuals who want to shift houses or entrepreneurs who want to send goods or cargo. You can actually save some hard-earned money when you rent a truck in Kolkata through the OXA App. The assured savings in the whole equation makes us a winner’s choice.

Get Customer Attention with OXA App

Our live tracking software keeps you posted about the whereabouts of the truck running for you. You can check its progress and location. If you want to clear out some doubts about our service, do check out our FAQ page or send us your query on We endeavour to provide the best customer service so that all your queries are answered to your satisfaction.

Get in touch with us when you need a truck or tempo next. We hope to delight you with our services.

The OXA Customer app is available on the Google Play Store. Check it out today!